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Celebrate National Ice Cream Month Naturally

by Kirsten Hudson

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Enjoy a couple of scoops of ice cream this month to not only beat the heat, but also to celebrate a national holiday because July is National Ice Cream Month.

President Ronald Reagan gave July this tasty title in 1984. He also designated the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. This year that day falls on Sunday, July 19.

To celebrate this Sunday (and maybe the rest of the month too), fill up your bowl with organic ice cream or homemade ice cream!

Ice Cream
Chow down on a couple of scoops of organic ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream Month. Photo By sea turtle/Courtesy Flickr

For an organic ice cream option, try Stonyfield Farm Organic Ice Cream. These pints of ice cream come in seven tasty flavors. You can even get a coupon on Stonyfield Farm’s website.

If you want completely natural ice cream, try these two methods for making this tasty frozen treat yourself.

Method 1: Use an Ice Cream Maker

Follow this delicious recipe for Double Chubby Cherry Ice Cream using all organic ingredients. Once the ice cream mixture is complete, use an ice cream maker to form the ice cream. To conserve energy (and get a work out!) use a manual ice cream maker that you crank yourself. If you don’t want to wear out your arms, take turns with family and friends to finish cranking the ice cream.

Method 2: Use Two Coffee Cans

For this method you need two coffee cans. One must be larger than the other.

1. To make one serving of the ice cream mixture, combine 1/2 cup organic milk, 1 tablespoon organic sugar and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract, chocolate syrup or cocoa powder in the smaller coffee can and seal it tightly.

2. Put ice and rock salt in the larger coffee can, then place the smaller coffee can in the larger coffee can and seal it tightly.

3. Shake the large can vigorously for 10 minutes. Then check the mixture to see if ice crystals are forming. If they are, stir or whisk the mixture. Continue shaking until ice cream forms. Make sure to eat this ice cream immediately.

Also check out these herbal ice cream recipes.

Do you have another method for do-it-yourself ice cream? What flavor of ice cream will you be enjoying this month? Leave me a comment and let me know!