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You Cure Me All Day Long

by Allison Martin

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If you sit at a computer monitor for any period of time, you start to notice that your head kind of hurts. Then ... Wham! ... the pain escalates, you lose all rational thought and you begin hatching a plan to track down your grammar school nurse so that she can write a note for your boss.

"Dear Corporate Boss and Rest of the Adult World,

Please excuse my former sort-of-patient. She has a headache.


School Nurse"

Well, at least I do. And yeah, it's a dumb idea...Although better than getting your mother to write said note.

Fortunately, one day my coworker handed me a much more convenient, pleasant smelling and basically better headache fighting plan. Clear My Head herbal care products makes a roll-on inhalation that can nip my headaches in the bud. The inhalation, called Clear My Head Ache, is a mixture of peppermint and lavender essential oils in jojoba oil. You can dab it on your temples and at the base of your neck, but I just open and sniff from time to time.

Clear My Head Ache

A bit of essential oil can be just as useful (just remember to dilute it if you apply to your skin), if you happen to have it around.

Happy Computering, Herbies!