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Finding a natural solution

Tea Tree to the Rescue

by Allison Martin

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As a good sister, I went to cheer on my brother during his first triathlon this weekend. I have to tell you, it was really exciting to see people of all ages and ability levels just going for it. I loved the spirit of healthy competition and the rush of shouting for the athletes. My sister and I were in awe of some of the space-age gear. But after a fantastic morning, I went home with dozens of insect bites. Eh.

Flash forward halfway through the week to me, still itching, but trying to be moderately socially accepatable at work. It's annoying to be pitching ideas, only to stop and explain that, really, I'm not usually this squirmy, it's just that, well, I went to this sporting event ...

Tea tree oil helps, but it does have an overwhelming aroma. To fix my problem, I added several drops (10-ish) of Aura Cacia tea tree oil to a spritzer bottle filled with water. After I get out of the shower, I spritz the bites with the tea tree spray. It's like magic. Give it a try!

Tea Tree essential oil