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Organic Tea: Choice Organic Teas

by Susan Melgren, Web Editor

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In my family, people fall into two categories: tea drinkers and coffee drinkers. I belong to the former category. I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth, so the thought of light, aromatic teas appeals to me more than taste of bitter, black coffee (not to say I abhor coffee; I just take it heavily doctored).

Many different kinds of tea appeal to me, but my favorite brand is probably Choice Organic Teas. It’s an ethical brand by many means—it’s USDA certified organic and TransFair USA fair trade certified—but as a consumer, one concern trumps the others: the taste. In that category, Choice Organic Teas never lets me down.

Choice Organic Teas offers a wide diversity of tea flavors, ranging from the traditional flavors of Early Gray and English Breakfast to more unusual blends, such as Sweet Liquorice Mint and Mango Ceylon with Vanilla. My personal favorite is the Chamomile Citrus, a mild blend with a sweet, floral taste; a close second place is the Lychee White, a delicate and sweet white tea that’s blended with lychee fruit and osmanthus flowers.

Choice Organic Tea
Not sure which tea you'll like? Try the sampler. Photo Courtesy Choice Organic Teas.

A few months ago Choice Organic Teas introduced a new product: the Whole Leaf Organics Sampler. If you’d like to try Choice Organic Teas but aren’t sure what type of tea to order, consider this product. It includes eight tea bags, each in a different flavor:

• Lychee White

• English Breakfast

• Jade Green

• Earl Grey 

• Jasmine Green

• Chamomile Citrus

• Sweet Liquorice Mint

• East Blend Darjeeling

The sampler sells for $4.75 and is available online.

Are there any other Choice Organic Tea fans out there? If not, please share your favorite kind of organic tea. I’m always on the lookout for new things to try!