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Green Your iPod: How to Reduce Your iPod's Energy Use

by Kirsten Hudson

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In more than three years I’ve gone through four iPods. I’m cringing a little as I type that. The first to go was my light pink iPod Mini, which I stopped using it when it was discontinued. Then I bought a bright red iPod Nano (the first version.) When I purchased my MacBook, I got a free iPod Touch. Now on top of all my iPod-extravaganza, I have an iPhone. Now except for the iPhone and occasionally the Nano, my iPods sit in a shoebox under my bed, completely usable, but never used.  I feel very electronically wasteful, but that’s nothing compared to the energy I’ve consumed charging all of these gadgets. Try these tips to keep your iPod energy use down—and get some extra jammin’ time.

Save energy when using your iPod with these tips. Photo By Gum/Courtesy Flickr 

1) Keep an eye on it while it’s charging.

Even if the iPod is fully charged, electricity can still flow if it’s plugged in. To save energy, unplug it immediately once the battery reaches its max.

2) Lower the lighting.

Make your iPod last longer by lowering the light setting. For iPod Nanos, turn the light setting completely off. On classic iPods or iPod Touch, set the light to 50 percent.

3) Don’t check your e-mail all the time.

With just a couple of taps on my iPhone I can get my e-mail almost instantly. This speedy e-mail updating has put me in the bad habit of checking my e-mail about every 30 minutes. But this compulsive habit uses up the phone’s energy—fast. Check your e-mail just once every hour or so to save battery power.

4) Use an alternative charger.

Charge your iPod with an eco-friendly charger. Check out these nifty green chargers.

• SOLiCharger 

SOLiCharger fully charges gadgets after four hours of sun exposure and provides up to a 50 percent charge to the iPhone or iTouch battery. Its small, lightweight design is perfect for traveling. The SOLiCharger is currently sold out. Check Sollite for availability.

• Powcell 

MotionTouch, a UK-based company, recently created the Powcell, a small solar charger that fits over the iPhone or iPod Touch. It works in natural and artificial sunlight and takes about four hours to fully charge. Buy it online for £60 or about $98.

How do you save your iPod’s energy? Tell me about it in the comments section.