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DIY Project: Make Your Own Floral Bib Necklaces and Headbands

by Andrea Olsen

Tags: DIY, do it yourself, fashion, sewing, eco-fashion, accessories, necklaces, headbands, rosettes,

I’m a bit of a bargain shopper, and if I can’t find something in the right price range I usually try to make it. A sucker for feminine frills and an accessories addict, I instantly fell in love with the bib necklace trend. I was able to find instructions to make fabric rosettes and used my craftiness to make my own bib necklace.

I like to wear my floral bib necklace with a solid colored V-neck shirt. If you tie the ribbon at just the right length, it looks like your necklace is actually part of the neckline of your shirt. It adds a nice feminine polish to an otherwise simple outfit. Here’s how to make your own:

1/4 yard of organic fabric
4 feet of matching ribbon
One sheet of matching felt
Matching thread
Sewing pins and a needle
Hot glue gun

1. Cut fabric into five strips, 3 inches wide by 3 feet long.

2. Take one strip and fold one corner down, making a point.

Step 1
If you're using a shiny fabric, such as satin, place the glossy side face down. Photo By Andrea Olsen.

3. Holding the point between your pointer finger and thumb, twist the fabric and wrap it around the two fingers.

Step 2
As you twist, try to keep the shiny side of the fabric showing. Photo by Andrea Olsen.

4. After wrapping the fabric around your fingers twice, slip your fingers out while holding the fabric in place. It should look like a flattened spiral.

Step 3
This step takes some practice to perfect. If the center of your spiral unravels, simply try again until you can get it to stay. Photo By Andrea Olsen.

5. Hold the center coil flat and in place as you twist and wrap the remaining fabric into a spiral. Place sewing pins through the coil as you go along to keep the twisted fabric together.

Step 4
The fabric may fray a little at the edges, but it adds some dimension to the rosettes. When your flower is complete, pull on the threads to fray things a little bit more. Photo By Andrea Olsen.

6. When you reach the end, pin the edge of your fabric down so your rosette stays fully intact. Take a needle and matching thread all the way through the rosette to stitch it together. Make sure you hit every layer of fabric, or else it will start to unravel. Remove the pins as you go along.

Step 5
After stitching through the rosette, gently tug on all of the layers to make sure everything is secure. If one isn't sewn down, go back through with a needle and thread to make sure it doesn't unravel. Photo By Andrea Olsen.

7. After all of the layers are secure, tie off your thread in a knot. Repeat the steps until you have five complete rosettes.

8. Lay your rosettes on the sheet of felt in a V shape. Adjust them based on how wide and rounded you want your necklace to look. Once it looks perfect, hot glue the rosettes into place on the felt.

Step 7
The felt tends to be a little weak, so don't trim the felt too thinly between the rosettes when you are cutting around each flower. This ensures your creation won't fall apart easily. Photo By Andrea Olsen.

9. Once the glue cools, cut the felt around each rosette so that it doesn’t show. Next, cut your ribbon in half—one for each side of your necklace. Hot glue one end to the top of your felt, leaving the other end of each ribbon loose.

10. When everything is cool, tie the ribbons in a bow around your neck. The ribbon can be tightened or loosened to adjust the length.

finished necklace
You might find that your skill improves with each rosette that you sew. Try making a few practice flowers before starting the project, that way each flower on the necklace is of the same quality. Photo By Andrea Olsen.

I also like taking the rosettes and attaching them to headbands. To make one, just hot glue two rosettes to one side of a headband. Underneath, glue a small felt circle on the underside to keep the rosettes in place. You can also add your own embellishments like beads, pearls, or crystals to customize your finished piece.

Making a rosette headband is even easier than the bib necklace. Just be sure to keep things in proportion; smaller flowers look better on a headband. Photo By Andrea Olsen.