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Natural Headache Relief: Badger Headache Soother Mind Balm

by Kim Wallace

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While I'm usually pretty healthy and rarely suffer from head pain, when I do get a headache, it's always piercing and intolerable. My "goodie drawer" at work is stashed with vitamins, lotion, medicine and any other I-live-at-my-desk essential to handle those days when I feel a little under the weather; now, I can add another essential to it: Badger Headache Soother Mind Balm.

Badger Headache Soother Mind Balm
Badger Headache Soother Mind Balm is available online and at major natural retailers nationwide. Photo Courtesy Badger.

Through the power of aromatherapy, Badger Headache Soother Mind Balm helps clear sinuses with eucalyptus and peppermint oils while calming your senses with a light touch of lavender. Simply rub the balm on your temples, sinuses and anywhere else you feel a little tense; breathe in the invigorating aroma, and relax.

Sounds good, right?

While I still may pop an ibuprofen, Badger Headache Soother Mind Balm definitely helps put me at ease. The cool, minty spots on my temples have a therapeutic effect on my mind.

All Badger Mind Balms are USDA-certified organic, cost $8 and come in 1-ounce tins. I bet this tin will last at least a year; you don't need a whole lot of balm to hit the right spots to get that bad headache away.

If you aren't a habitual headache sufferer (or you aren't surrounded by people who may need some headache relief), check out Badger Mind Balms in Stress Soother (who doesn't need that?!), Clear Mind Balm, Cheerful Mind Balm and Yoga & Meditation Mind Balm.

Do you have any go-to remedies for headaches or other minor pain/irritation? Leave me a comment and tell me about it.