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Product Review: Pangea Organics

By Stephanie Nelson

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StephanieAfter a long winter season, I’m ready to get rid of my thick body lotion for something lighter and more fragrant. While walking down the body care isle at my local natural foods store, I saw Pangea Organics hand and body lotions. After trying a tiny drop of the lotions I was sold.

5-19-2009-2With the simple desire of making things better, Pangea Organics produces organic beauty products. The Boulder, Colorado-based company says it selects only the highest quality ingredients for their product without compromising the planet. None of its products contain artificial colors or fragrances, parabens, GMOs, petrochemicals or other harmful components.

My favorite lotion is Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom. The fragrant lavender soothes and alleviates tension while the cardamom acts as an antiseptic and cleanser. Some lotions leave an oily residue or don’t moisturize enough, but the Pyreneese Lavender with Cardamom moisturizes without that oily feeling. The hand and body lotion is perfect for spring and summer or moist climates as it is light lotion.

Have you tried the Pangea Organics line? Which one is your favorite? Let’s chat about it, drop me a comment or email me at