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In the Medicine Cabinet: Turmeric Remedies

by Ariel Tilson

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I’ll admit sometimes I can be over-dramatic when it comes to pain – drama runs in my family. But for the last couple of years I’ve suffered from regular lower-back spasms that can literally knock me off my feet. So yesterday I finally gave in to the sage advice of my family and friends who’ve witnessed my painful collapses and visited the chiropractor.

It’s been over 10 years since the last time I met with a chiropractor, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was definitely surprised to see a familiar herbal supplement perched on my practitioner’s shelf of featured pain relief supplies – turmeric capsules. Under the bottle was a note suggesting that a daily dose (720 mg) of this turmeric supplement, instead of Ibuprofen, not only reduces painful inflammation but is also healthier for long term use than other pain relievers.

Photo by Carlos Lorenzo/Courtesy Flickr

Considering how often I’ve popped Ibuprofen over the last couple years after long bouts of sitting at a desk or going for a jog, I was surprised that I hadn’t thought of the detrimental effects earlier.

I already use turmeric in most of my cooking, so instead of adding even more and turning everything I eat bright yellow, I’m going to give these supplements a try. For the sake of my future health, and to aid in the recovery of my abused neck and back from the chiropractic therapy, I’ll put the lid on ibuprofen and open up the turmeric. Oh, and I’ll also be using ice - lots and lots of ice.

ice pack
Photo by foolsplay07/Courtesy Flickr

Have you used turmeric supplements to relieve your pain? How did it work for you? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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