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In the Medicine Cabinet: Black Cherry Juice Concentrate

by Ariel Tilson

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As I’m sitting at my desk right now, I’m in a lot of pain. My thighs, hamstrings, glutes and feet are in the glorious throes of post-workout agony. 

After a couple month-long hiatus from high-impact workouts, like laps on the track, my chiropractor gave me the all-clear to start running again. But she followed it up with a word of advice—drink cherry juice concentrate. 

Apparently, the micro-nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties in cherries can reduce muscle soreness as well as promote joint function. And because I know how hard it is to start running after a long break, especially thanks to aching muscles, I made sure to pick up Lakewood’s Pure Black Cherry juice on my way home.

Lakewood Black Cherry Juice

So now in addition to the turmeric supplement I take daily for my lower back issues, I also drink cherry juice before my workout and then add it to a fruit smoothie, or other fruit juice, afterward. The cherry juice is not made from concentrate and is made without any water, so I like to dilute it a little to make it last longer.  

With cherries, turmeric and lots of ice, my painful muscles recover a lot quicker and I’m slowly starting to enjoy running for the first time.

Black Cherry Bowl
Photo by dklimke/Courtesy Flickr 

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What do you do to relieve post-workout pain? Have cherries helped you before? Leave me a comment and let me know.