In Basket: November 2009

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Dear Herb Companion, 

Nothing makes me happier than having a cup of lemon balm tea and The Herb Companion. I love crafting and need some ideas for the winter doldrums besides potpourri. Perhaps your readers can help. The Citrus Almond-Basil Cake, from your September 2009 article “Budget-Friendly Meals: 12 Great Recipes,” was delightful. Your magazine lifts my spirits.
—Lena Romanoff, Narberth, Pennsylvania

Thanks, Lena! To share craft ideas, e-mail . —Eds.

Where can I purchase the jars you used in the September 2009 article “4 Recipes for Quick Pickles?”
—Yana Vinnitsky, Buellton, California

You can purchase these jars from J. WECK Company, ; (815) 356-8440. —Eds. 

I am searching for a product called ImmuniTea, made by allGoode Organics. Do you know where I can find it?
—Beth Freese, Lake Elsinore, California

Unfortunately, allGoode Organics closed in 2005. Find a recipe similar to Immuni-Tea in the book Healing Herbal Teas (Basic Health Publications, 2005), written by the herbalist behind allGoode Organics, Brigitte Mars. —Eds. 

My granddaughter, goddaughter and I loved the July 2009 article “Simple, Plant-Based Fragrances: DIY.” We found that a canning processor makes a good still. Put the water in the canner, add leaves/petals in the bottom, place dish on the rack and put ice in the inverted lid. (Use a turkey baster to remove water from the inverted lid rather than emptying the hot lid.)
—Chris Reed, Ransomville, New York

I received my first issues of The Herb Companion and love it. I’m excited for this new adventure with herbs—I want to learn to use culinary herbs to eat healthier for my weekly weight-loss club. I believe this is a step toward better health.
—Kay H., Hermitage, Missouri

Thank you for faithfully sending me articles in the e-newsletter. I live on a small Caribbean island and have been trying my green fingers at growing herbs. Last week I planted chayote—it is about 5 inches tall. I am excited to watch it grow.
—Vivian Pantophlet, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

In the September 2009 issue, we asked how readers extend meals. —Eds.

1. Before refrigerating leftover pasta, I combine available vegetables and shredded cheese for a next-day pasta salad. 

2. I clear the fridge of fresh vegetables with a weekly stir-fry.

3. When serving, I keep the rice and stir-fry separate; the excess veggie blend can be mixed with eggs the next day.
—Kristi Marshall, Marion, Massachusetts

CORRECTION: On Page 32 of the September 2009 issue, we featured a recipe for Citrus Almond-Basil Cake. The recipe called for 2 tablespoons fresh basil, but the instructions didn’t specify when to add the basil. In step 2, the instructions should have read, “Transfer mixture to a large bowl and stir in basil and orange rind.” We regret this omission. —Eds.