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The Newest Addition to the Garden: Raised Beds

Michelle MooreShelley Moore is an aspiring organic backyard gardener with hopes of becoming a true 'green thumb'. She is the mother of two young daughters and the wife of one helpful husband. They reside in northern Utah.  
 Whoa. Now, that’s a raised bed! 

4x8x16 and a half deep raised garden bed 
4-by-8-by-16.5 raised garden bed. Photo By Shelley Moore. 

I confess at times I have a little trouble determining visually how something is going to turn out. Case in point for this raised bed—look how deep it is! Yes, apparently 16.5 inches deep is pretty deep.
But the beauty of these raised beds from is that they can be configured into another size very easily. Ours was a tad persnickety to get apart due to having it out in the rain and the wood swelled a little.

disassembling garden bed
Disassembling the raised bed. Photo By Rick Moore. 

The top cedar boards were removed from our 4-by-8-by-16.5-inch raised bed and ta da! The raised bed is now 11.5 inches deep, which seems to be a more suitable size for us and, from what I am hoping, still allows enough room to grow root vegetables.

The non rusting pin that came with the bed obviously was meant to fit the 16.5-inch depth, but instead of ordering a new size, I can push the pin down into the ground to have it fit.

using mallet to push pin  
Mallet used to hammer pin into the ground. Photo By Shelley Moore. 
My lamenting as of the last post of being able to only have one raised bed this season has now turned into rejoicing as I was able to order an additional bed! 

I ordered a 4-by-8-by-5.5-inch raised bed and will use the other boards that were removed from the first raised bed to complete a second bed of 4-by-8-by-11.5 inches. I also ordered an additional pin and crossbar to make it all come together. 

To save on cost I have the economy grade and chose to not add any finishing to the raised beds for my organic garden.

Now, for the next addition to the garden? 

lots of it
Bags of OMRI-certified potting soil and compost. Photo By Shelley Moore. 

Dirt, dirt and more dirt!

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