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Herbal Travels: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

by Lemon Verbena Lady

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Timing is everything, especially when you are visiting herb gardens at two of the most well known gardens in the New York City area. I have always wanted to visit both the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the New York Botanical Garden. I got my chance the last day we were traveling in New York City.

I started my day traveling by subway to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I had good news and bad news when I got there. The good news was that before noon, it was free admission. (And that's when I arrived!) The bad news?  It is was really bad...the herb garden was under renovation and would not open until this summer! Still, I took advantage of the time that I had. 


The Shakespeare Garden (above) is a beautifully intimate garden with all of the flowers and herbs mentioned in Shakespeare's plays. 


The next place I ventured was the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden (above), which has all of the classic elements Japanese gardens have.


One of my favorite views in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was the Bluebell Wood—and it was in bloom! This place is a very favorite area for all kinds of photographers and artists. It was such great timing for me to see it while it was in full bloom!


This was the most disappointing moment of my visit—when I got to the herb garden. They actually had it fenced off so I couldn't even get a sneak preview! Howeve, I did enjoy a few retail experiences buying those wonderful guide booklets that the Brooklyn Botanic Garden produces. So while my herb garden timing was not so good, my visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens was a success on many other levels.

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