Product of the Week: Bulbrite LED Chain Lights

Brighten (and green) your holiday season with Bulbrite LED Chain Lights.

Bulbrite LED chain lights

Bulbrite's LED chain lights come in three styles.

Photo Courtesy Bulbrite

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Light up your home with Bulbrite LED Chain Lights, and save energy this season.

Bulbrite’s new Energy Star-approved LED Chain Lights come in three styles: M5 Mini LED Chain Lights, C6 LED Chain Lights and C7 LED Chain Lights.

The M5 Mini Chain Lights come in white and have 50 small bulbs on a 17-inch green cord. The C6 Chain Lights have larger white or multicolored (blue, yellow, red, green, orange) bulbs with 35 bulbs on a 12-inch cord. The C7 Chain Lights have white or multicolored bulbs with 25 bulbs on a 17-inch cord.

The LED lights last 50,000 hours—25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs—and offer up to 83 percent savings on energy costs.

All of Bulbrite’s LED lights are approved for indoor or outdoor use.

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