Kiva Style: Former Tipi Residents Build a Rammed-Earth Home

Working with earth, wood, glass and crystals, Tom and Flame Lutes have created a truly sacred space in the Colorado high country.

In this Russian stove, evolved from an age-old European design, bricks surround a cast-iron stove to hold the heat inside seven interior chambers. By the time it leaves through the chimney, the heat from the fire has been reduced from 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and all of that warmth has spread inside the home. “This is a very efficient use of wood,” Tom explains. “One fire a day, and the thing keeps cranking with radiant heat.” Tom and Flame had planned to plaster the fireplace, but while they waited for that to get done, they grew to like the rustic look of the exposed bricks.
Photo By Laurie Dickson