Kiva Style: Former Tipi Residents Build a Rammed-Earth Home

Working with earth, wood, glass and crystals, Tom and Flame Lutes have created a truly sacred space in the Colorado high country.

During his sojourns in the woods, Tom gathered tree roots misshapen by growing through rock cracks. This collection turned out to be the perfect hardware for the couple’s cabinets—another tribute to the land that adds texture and depth to their home. Tom had a picture in his mind of exactly the twig he wanted to use as a handle for the refrigerator—and when he took a walk in the woods near the house, nature delivered. To make the handles, Tom trimmed the edges to make them flat, then glued the roots into place on the doors. When replacing a refrigerator handle, you must utilize the same screw holes for the new handle as used for the old. Otherwise, you will create holes in the insulation of the refrigerator door that make it less efficient.
Photo By Laurie Dickson