Welcome Home: Reviving the Front Porch, From the Wraparound to the Stoop

Appreciation for the front porch, the home's connection to the community, is back. Whether your home has a small stoop or a Victorian wraparound, here's how to make it warm and welcoming.

Flower boxes that sit on or mount over the railing can add beauty without taking up floor space. Here, in an unusual twist, wheatgrass thrives in an old chicken trough. Amazingly simple to cultivate, wheatgrass germinates from seed in three to five days and grows an inch a day afterward. During its six- to eight-week life span, it can be harvested to use in healthy wheatgrass “shots.” Also known as “cat grass,” it acts as a digestive aid for the family feline. Wheatgrass seeds are available at garden supply stores or online at www.sprouthouse.com.
Photo By Povy Kendal Atchison