Welcome Home: Reviving the Front Porch, From the Wraparound to the Stoop

Appreciation for the front porch, the home's connection to the community, is back. Whether your home has a small stoop or a Victorian wraparound, here's how to make it warm and welcoming.

An ideal socializing space, the large front porch that wraps around more than one side of the house is perfect for a solitary nap or a large gathering of friends and neighbors. Tom Lyons, a principal with Wolff Lyons Architects in Boulder, Colorado, replaced an unsightly, unkempt porch that had been built on to his turn-of-the-century home with this whimsical yet practical gazebo-like octagon. The porch “catches the southern orientation and allows us to celebrate being on a corner lot,” Lyons explains.
Photo By Povy Kendal Atchison