Garden Spaces: Plans for an Herb and Rose Garden


Illustration by Gayle Ford

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Herbs To Plant

• Pinks (Dianthus spp.). These well-behaved garden favorites are tidy perennial clumps of long-blooming, fragrant flowers. Grows to about 18 inches; grow from seed or division.

• Chives (Allium schoenoprasum). Hardy perennials that sport strappy leaves and bright pink pompon flowers. Will seed themselves around the garden, but not in a troublesome way. Grows to about 18 inches; can be grown from seed or division.

• Garlic chives (A. tuberosum). This annual allium has flat leaves and fragrant white flowers. Reaches about 18 inches; can be grown from seed.

• Calendula (Calendula officinalis). Cheerful daisy-like annual that will reseed. Grows to about 18 inches; can be grown from seed.

• Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia and other species and hybrids). Plant lavender for its fragrance alone. Gray-green leaves and flower spikes of purple to 3 feet. Grow from cuttings.

• Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia). Airy, delicate sprays of flowers and silvery leaves make a foil for roses. Hardy, grows to about 3½ feet.

• Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis). Hardy herb garden favorite with purple flower spikes. Perennial, reaching 2½ feet; grow from seed or division.

• Anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum). This 3-foot, short-lived perennial shrub can be grown from seed. Deadhead the flower spikes to prevent this mint family relative from taking over.

• Sage (Salvia officinalis). This hardy perennial grows to about 2 feet and can be grown from seed. Available in purple-leaf and variegated forms, and it has many colorful, landscape-worthy relatives.

Roses To Plant

• ‘Belinda’s Dream’. This rose is voluptuous, with blooms that are very pink and very full. Full, upright shrub, easy to grow and propagate.

• ‘Knockout’. This modern landscape rose has single-petaled flowers in a coral red, although it’s now commonly available in doubled form and other colors. A big, vigorous shrub, a heavy bloomer, carefree in its pest resistance and drought tolerance.

• ‘Sombreuil’. This is a vigorous white climber that can cover an archway or arbor. Other possibilities among fragrant climbers include ‘Cecile Brunner’, ‘White Dawn’, ‘Lady Banks’ in white or yellow, or ‘Climbing Pinkie’.

• ‘Fairy’. This is a heavy-blooming polyantha rose with double blooms in light pink. It can tolerate some shade in the hot afternoons.

• ‘Chrysler Imperial’. This hybrid tea variety delivers fragrant, long-stemmed, red-rose perfection, but can be a bit susceptible to disease and pests. 

• ‘Livin’ Easy’.  This brilliant orange floribunda hybrid rose is a solid performer among shrub roses. Other roses in the yellow-orange color range include the lovely peachy, single-flowered
‘Lafter’; the hybrid rugosa ‘Topaz Jewel’ with double yellow blooms; and ‘Harison’s Yellow’.

• ‘Heritage’. This David Austin rose, a repeat bloomer with hips, has cupped, cabbage flowers in a pale, delicate pink.

Contributing Editor Kathleen Halloran lives and gardens in Austin, Texas.

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