Garden Spaces: Plans for a Water-Wise Garden


Illustration by Gayle Ford

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Yarrow. A rock-hardy perennial that blooms all summer and grows to about 3 feet. Common yarrow (A. millefolium) has pinkish-white flowers; for deeper shades of pink and yellow, try ‘Moonshine’.

Sweet Annie. This aromatic annual can reach 6 feet by fall. Deadhead flowers until late in the season, then leave a few to reseed.

Silver King artemisia. The silvery mounds reach 2 feet, require no care and can be yanked out if they get too ambitious.

Calendula. This 18-inch annual has cheery orange blooms from spring through fall.

Purple coneflower. These vibrant native beauties are available in a range of colors and grow as high as 4 feet.

English lavender. This is the hardiest lavender; start fast-growing ‘Lady’ from seed.

Lemon balm. Perennial to about 2 feet, lemon balm is very aggressive, so don’t let it get out of bounds.

Ozark sundrops. These evening primroses with large blooms are low-growing, unlike common evening primrose (O. biennis).

Rose. Choose a hardy shrub rose suitable for Colorado. The Colorado State University Extension has ideas at , such as ‘Harrison’s Yellow’ and the pink ‘William Baffin’ for high elevations.

Goldenrod. If this native wildflower fits into your garden scheme, don’t amend the soil, as it does best in poor soil. Some varieties can grow to 7 feet when in bloom.

St. John’s wort. This short-lived hardy perennial grows to about 2 feet.

Sunflower. Many varieties of this tall annual native are available and easy to grow from seed.

Contributing Editor Kathleen Halloran lives and gardens in Austin, Texas. 

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