Master Gardener's Choice: Jennifer Behm’s Favorite Heirlooms

Find out this master gardener's favorite heirlooms.


Master gardener Jennifer Behm keeps her flower and vegetable garden lush.

Photography By Steve Foss

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Master gardener Jennifer Behm's reveals her top picks for heirloom seeds. Find out more about her northern Minnesota organic farm.

• ‘Brandywine’ tomato is wonderful for its big, fleshy fruit. It doesn’t take many to make a jar of salsa.

• ‘Rouge Vif d’Etampes’ squash has excellent ornamental value. It looks like the fairytale pumpkin stagecoach in Disney’s Cinderella.

• ‘Zebrina’ Malva sylvestris because it’s frost-tolerant, beautiful and a great reseeder.

• ‘Two Inch Strawberry’ popcorn, with its tiny red ears, is just right for the children to seed.

• ‘Bull’s Blood’ beets have attractive, dark red edible greens.

• ‘Calypso’ baking beans taste great and can be used to make necklaces in the fall before they dry out.

• ‘Velvet Queen’ sunflower, with its beautiful red centers and strong stems, is a favorite of the birds.


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