Ikebana: The Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement

With their strong branches and textural foliage, herbs gracefully lend themselves to the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging.

For this summer arrangement, the material was grouped tightly together in the kensan to look as though it rose from a single stem. Simple colors reflect the many shades of green found in the garden. The shin, in the left upright style, is a long-stemmed rosebud that echoes the container and represents the future. The soe, on the right, is a branch of wild aster. The hikae, on the left, is a miniature rose at its height of bloom. Lushness and textural density are achieved with jushi of valerian leaf, a miniature rose almost past its prime, aster, double feverfew, thyme, a fennel frond, Italian parsley, and tansy leaf. Although not classical in ratio, this arrangement attempts to depict the essence of summer.