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The Noble Art of Getting Things Done: 5 Tips for Living Simple

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“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone.” — Lin Yutang

The simple life really is the good life, and there are few better times to instill a sense of serenity in our homes than during the introspective winter season. If you feel like your world is hectic, try to whittle down your obligations list, focusing on what is truly important to you and your family.

We have tons of information on living simple in our January/February issue of Mother Earth Living. Whether it’s reducing clutter in your home life or reducing refined grains in your diet, we have the help you need to get started living simply.

5 Tips for Living Simple

How to Organize Your Storage Spaces: Use our tips for a less-cluttered, more-efficient home.

Whole-Grain Flour Guide: Replace white flour in your diet with high-quality nutritious alternatives.

Learn to Cross Stitch, Crochet and More: Occupy bored hands with these useful old-fashioned (but never out-dated) crafts.

4 Swap Party Ideas: Get your friends together for a party and save a little money while you are at it with these swap party ideas.

Vermicomposting 101: How to Start a Worm Bin System: Learn how to make your own nutrient-rich fertilizer with vermicomposting.