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Learn to Cross Stitch, Crochet and More

Winter evenings can stretch on and on…and on. Banish cabin fever by bringing the focus back to the simple joy of gathering around the proverbial hearth. Occupy bored hands with these useful, old-fashioned (but never outdated) crafts. The website Craftsy offers online classes for everything from knitting to quilting.


For Beginners

Cross Stitch: a type of counted-thread embroidery in which the artist uses x-shaped stitches in a tiled pattern to form a picture. Crafters usually use a special fabric that makes it easy to count out the stitches for a symmetrical image.

Crochet: a process of creating fabric from yarn using hooks. Unlike in more-complex knitting, only one stitch is “active” at a time.

More Advanced

Knitting: similar to crochet, knitting creates fabric from yarn or thread using knitting needles. Depending on what type of garment is being crafted, several “active stitches” may be held on a needle at a time.

Crewelwork: a type of free embroidery—the artist uses a variety of needlework stitches to follow a design on the fabric.