Try This: How to Make a Handbag from Recycled Jeans

Tough and rugged, this recycled denim bag makes a great carry-all. Learn how to make a handbag from recycled jeans with this easy sewing project.

Putting it All Together: STEP 2: Turn the lining inside out so that the right side is on the inside. Insert the exterior bag and tuck in the handles. The right side of the interior should be touching the right side of the exterior. Sew along the top edge with a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving 8" open on the side opposite the pocket; STEP 3: Turn the bag right side out through the opening and tuck the interior into the bag. Press and pin the opening shut. Topstitch the entire perimeter and close the opening. Create a boxed X over the end of each strap in the band portion of the bag. This reinforces the straps for heavy hauling. This bag is now ready to fill!
Photo Courtesy John Wiley & Sons, Inc.