List of Likes: 10 Tools We Dig

Get your kitchen garden going with these staff picks.


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Fun, Flirty & $30

Herb Companion staffers immediately fell in love with the feminine designs of these aprons. Perfect for a hostess, these aprons ($32.95) are available in fun colors. Contact Jessie Steele at (800) 421-1223; www.JessieSteele.comSign up to win this product! 

It’s a Charmed Life

Water your herbs with this charming watering can. Covered in “Cray,” a chintz created in 1884 by William Morris, this aluminum can holds 5 quarts and costs $48. Contact the New York Botanical Garden at (718) 817-8869;

Practical and Pretty

These high-performance wellies come in patterns of roses, vegetables and peaches. Available in three heights—full knee boot, short boot and clog—Hunter Boots are constructed of strong natural rubber and range in price from $50 to $70. Contact Hunter Boot at www.HunterBoots.comSign up to win this product! 

Save Your Herbs in Style

Organize cuttings with a svelte Prepara herb-savor ($29.95). The space-saving container keeps herbs fresh for weeks. Contact Prepara at (888) 878-8665;

Gardening & Beyond

Carry your garden supplies around in the Terrace Portable—a polyester folding chair with a steel frame. This handy product comes with five popular garden tools and a pair of gardening gloves. Contact Picnic & Beyond at (800) 856-8819;

An Education in Gourmet Gardening

The Gourmet Garden (Barron’s Educational Series, 2008) covers topics such as pests, edible flowers and regional flavors. The Gourmet Garden costs $19.99. Contact Barron’s Educational Series at (631) 434-3311; www.barronseduc.comSign up to win this product! 

Tools That Deserve a Standing Ovation

Use these ergonomically designed kitchen tools to keep your countertops clean and your food germ-free. Between use, the tools stand upright. Ranging in price from $5 to $7, this collection includes a whisk, spatula, peeler, cheese slicer and more. Contact Tovolo at (206) 633-6066; www.tovolo.comSign up to win this product! 

Grow Herbs in Your Kitchen

Aerogarden is the easy way to harvest herbs indoors—without messy soil. With an array of seed kits offered, the AeroGarden appeals to herb aficionados. The AeroGarden starts at $99.95. Contact AeroGarden at (800) 611-9058;

Preserving NRG

The natural radius grip and ergonomic design of our NRG Hand Trowel and Hand Cultivator keeps your wrist in a neutral position, reserving more power and strength for gardening. Each tool costs $12.99 each or $24.95 for the set. Contact The Herb Companion at (800) 456-5835; up to win this product!

No Place Like Home 

Wipe your countertops with Gold Canyon’s new line of Homeology plant-based cleaning products: peppermint eucalyptus glass cleaner; rosemary mint all-purpose cleaner; and lavender eucalyptus sweet orange floor  cleaner. Each 35-ounce cleaner is made with essential oils and costs $10.98. Contact Gold Canyon at (866) 996-4222; www.BeGreenCleanBlue.comSign up to win this product!