Sprouting with Chef Dean Thomas

Inspired by his father’s passion for gardening, Chef Dean Thomas of the New England Culinary Institute offers students hands-on experience in his herb garden. Sowing and harvesting his own herbs is part of the pride Thomas puts onto each plate.

1. Ipomoea ‘Royal Ensign’ and creeping zinnia 2. Nasturtium ‘Moonlight’ 3. Sweet Italian peppers 4. Strawberry mignonette 5. Lavandula angustifolia rosea and Lavandula vera lilac 6. Anagallis monelli 7. Ipomea ¥multifida 8. Adenophora bullyanna 9. ‘Sweet Genovese’ basil 10. ‘Lavendar Lady’ 11. Lemon grass 12. Rosemary 13. Flat-leaf parsley 14. Sage 15. ‘Red Rubin’ basil 16. Nasturtium 17. Bronze fennel 18. Licorice basil 19. Parsley ‘Envy’ 20. Parsley 21. Perennial phlox 22. Nasturtium ‘Jewel of India’ 23. Nasturtium ‘Alaska’ and ‘Empress of India’ 24. Nasturtium ‘Wina’ 25. Corn ‘Red Stellar’ and Ipomea ‘Royal Ensign’ 26. Ipomea ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ 27. French tarragon 28. Assorted daylilies and Ipomea 29. Chives, garlic 30. Van Hout spirea 31. Green ash 32. Spirea japonica